Zari’s Ex Hassan Advises Shakib After Being Humiliated And Called Fala

Zari's Ex Hassan Advises Shakib After Being Humiliated And Called Fala

Last week, there was a huge debate on social media after Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan allegedly called her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya a ‘fala’ in a phone conversation that went viral.

In the audio that was allegedly made public by a promoter who disagreed with Zari, the mother of five was heard talking about how her 31-year-old husband lacks confidence and that he knows nothing.

Netizens were quick to criticize the ex-boyfriend of the musician Diamond Platnumz for his remarks, while some seemed to advise Shakib following the public embarrassment. One of Zari’s ex-boyfriends, GK Choppa, is among those who gave a sarcastic message following the sound.

Zari Hassan and businessman GK Choppa briefly dated early last year before their controversial split. During their engagement, the two Ugandans were seen hanging out and enjoying time together.

The 42-year-old singer ventured into a relationship with Shakib Cham shortly after breaking up with Choppa. In a phone conversation that was broken last week, Zari was heard instructing the person she was talking to to give detailed information to her husband while explaining that she has not traveled around the world much and she needs clear information about what is expected of her.

The only international trip he has ever made is to Dubai, and in Dubai, they are not so strict at the airport. That of the UK, even if you agree with everything they ask. You need to give him a brief explanation,” Zari was heard saying on the voice before giving more information in the Ganda language.

He continued, “You know Shakib is panicking. It’s so insecure. Entering the counter, someone asks him questions and starts answering, and he panics. He doesn’t believe in himself as he is; he doesn’t believe in himself. He starts saying his things.”

The ex-boyfriend of Diamond Platnumz was heard giving more instructions to the person who was talking to him in the Ganda language.

Zari’s Ex Hassan Advises Shakib After Being Humiliated And Called Fala

“My husband does not believe in himself. First of all, he is shy; he starts to fear; he panics,” Zari said before continuing to call the 31-year-old ‘fala’.

“His gentleness is what I like about him; he’s a blessing,” he added.

After the rumor went viral, Shakib responded indirectly, indicating how upset he was by his wife’s remarks.

“Don’t talk bad about your husband to anyone… Respect me when I’m not there. That’s what I’m asking,” Shakib said on Facebook.

The 31-year-old businessman also talked about how pride can make someone lose something good.

“Love will make you look foolish. But pride can make you miss something that you will never get again,” said Shakib.

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