Willy Paul Announces His Divorce From Miss P

Willy Paul Announces His Divorce From Miss P

Musician Wilson Radido, aka Willy Paul, has announced that his relationship with his colleague Miss P has ended, just two months after the two announced that they were back together.

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In a post on his Instagram account, the musician encourages women who want to be in a romantic relationship with him to send their requests while making it clear that he is not in a relationship with Miss P.

Within the last week, Willy Paul has been indicating that things are not right in his relationship with his female artist.

Willy Paul Announces His Divorce From Miss P

“No pain, no gain; look at that, btw. I think things are not right, but we respect each other,” wrote Willy Paul last week.

On April 22, Pozee introduced Miss P as his new girlfriend, an announcement that surprised netizens. This announcement came after Miss P publicly apologized for her earlier claims that the musician was raping her.

In August 2021, Miss P claimed Willy Paul repeatedly sexually assaulted her while in Saldido’s studio.

“My mother helped me, Alhamdulillah; otherwise, I would have given birth at this time or I would have been nine months pregnant,” she said.

Then, in 2023, Miss P resurfaced and confessed to spoiling Pozee’s name.

“I felt pain, I felt anger, I felt many things; my emotions were all over the place. At that time, I was not mentally well. I hate to say this, but it’s the same thing. I regret doing that. I said that on impulse. Immediately after doing that interview, I was asking myself, “What did I do?” It was not the best choice.”

Despite these two separating, their followers felt this was one way for these two to seek fame, as a few weeks ago Willy Paul appeared and announced that they were planning to get married.

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