Stevo Simple Boy Spits on Kajala Masanja and Seduces Her by Offering to Buy Her a Farm

Stevo Simple Boy Spits on Kajala Masanja and Seduces Her by Offering to Buy Her a Farm

Kenyan rapper Stephen Otieno Adera, aka Stevo Simple Boy, has expressed his admiration for veteran movie star Frida Kajala Masanja.

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While advertising for a land-selling company through his social media accounts, the ‘Mihadarati’ hit singer expressed his intention to reward Harmonize’s ex-boyfriend with a piece of land.

The singer claimed to have collected enough money to buy the 40-year-old actor a piece of land in Kenya.

Stevo Simple Boy Spits on Kajala Masanja and Seduces Her by Offering to Buy Her a Farm

I’ve got a little something I want to take to Kajalafrida Farm,” Stevo wrote under the photo of Kajala that he posted.

The singer attached a photo of the actor and a line from a song he recently sang, asking for her number.

“You love a lady, you buy flowers; that’s what kills you. I’m so tired; give me Kajala’s number,” he sang in the song.

Over the past few weeks, Stevo has shown interest in several female artists, including Wanja Kihii and Ngesh wa Vasha of ‘Kaveve Kazoze.’

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Last month, Ngesh, who became very popular due to their song ‘Kaveve Kazoze‘, openly rejected Stevo’s request to be his girlfriend.

Stevo had made a video clip that he used to confess his deep love for the fellow singer and went on to ask her to be his fiancé if he was not in a relationship at the moment.

The ‘Mihadarati’ hit singer asked Kenyans to help her convey her sweet request to Ngesh to win his heart.

“This is Stevo Simple Boy, Mondi wa Kenya Maze. There is a young lady there who I have noticed is very attractive to me; her name is Kaveve Kazoze. If you are single, tell Stevo Simple Boy, an old man from Tulinga, I want him,” Stevo said in the video.

“Give him the report and tell Stevo Simple Boy that I have brought it to him, my lazizi, my habibi. Come and be my fiancé, and let things be fresh,” he added before sending a hot kiss to the Spider Clan artist.

In a telephone interview with a local radio station, Ngesh, however, rejected Stevo’s request and made it clear that he did not want it.

He added, “I haven’t seen the video; I’ve only seen the pictures being used; I haven’t seen the video. I want him to come now. I say I have not seen the video; leave him alone,” Ngesh said.

The music queen from Nyandarua County revealed that she is already in a stable relationship with an unidentified man and hinted that she has no intention of finding another man.

“I am with someone. That’s either. I don’t agree with the second thought. Don’t worry, my lover is calling,” said Ngesh.

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