Simtaki! Ngesh Rejects Stevo Simple Boy’s Adoration Propels

Ngesh Rejects Stevo Simple Boy's Adoration Propels

Viral Gengetone recording artist and songwriter Mary Wangeci, better known by her stage name Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze, contradicted Milele FM moderator Ankali Beam after he got some information about Stevo Simple Boy.

The ‘Kaveve Kazoze‘ hitmaker nimbly declined a heartfelt proposition stretched out to her by individual vocalist Stivo Simple Boy.

In a TikTok video that caused a stir, Stevo endeavored to charm Ngesh with sweet words, only to be met with a steadfast dismissal.

They say love has an approach to finding its way even in the most flighty of circumstances. Stivo Simple Boy took to TikTok, communicating his fondness for Ngesh in a video that transmitted love.

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With affectionate hints, the rapper made a sincere endeavor to catch Ngesh’s heart, going all out in his virtual enticement.

Notwithstanding Stevo Simple Boy’s ardent suggestions, Ngesh remained steadfast in monitoring the stronghold of her heart.

During a meeting with Ankali Beam on Milele FM, Ngesh unequivocally conveyed her indifference toward Stevo, regardless of his loving expectations.

The meeting took an interesting turn as Ankali Beam dove into the matter, getting some information about Stevo’s goals.

Simtaki! Ngesh Rejects Stevo Simple Boy’s Adoration Propels

“Sasa wewe unamtaka Stevo Simple Boy?” Ankali Beam asked, referring to the video where Stivo maintained his fondness for Ngesh.

Ngesh’s reaction was clear and concise: “Mi namtaka aje aii? How? Nakuambia ata video sijaona.”

Ankali added one more layer to the discussion by discovering that Stivo had without a doubt communicated his advantage. “I’m telling you he said he wants you but,” Ankali’s

“Achana na yeye,” Ngesh answered.

The subject of her boyfriend came up, and Ngesh affirmed that she is seeing somebody.

“Mi nko na mtu,” she answered when she got some information about her relationship status.

She underscored that her reliability with her boyfriend was enduring and resolute. “Mi sikuangi na doubt,” she solidly expressed.

The focus on Ngesh has now and again prompted misguided judgments about her character.

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