Professor Jay and His Wife Enjoying Their Wedding Anniversary

Professor Jay and His Wife Enjoying Their Wedding Anniversary

Grace Mgonjo and Joseph Haule, aka Professor Jay, a seasoned rapper from Tanzania, enjoying their wedding anniversary on July 8th.

The couple expressed their gratitude to God for keeping them together over the course of their marriage on their social media pages.

Teacher Jay, who about a year prior was let out of the clinic subsequent to being owned up to the ICU for over 100 days, utilized the chance to thank his significant other for aiding him and remaining by him through all that they went through.

“God, thank you very much for giving us the gift of life and staying with us until today, when we mark the day of our holy marriage. I am extremely grateful to my beloved wife @mke_wa_profjize for enduring all of our transitions together. ” he added on Instagram

A picture of him and his lovely wife standing outside their house was attached to the message.

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Mrs. Haule also expressed gratitude to God for providing them with life and health to commemorate their wedding day.

He sent the veteran singer and himself well-wishes on their wedding anniversary via his Instagram page.

After fighting a life-threatening illness for months, Professor Jay broke his silence on social media earlier in May.

Jay, who is also a former Member of Parliament for the Mikumi region in Tanzania, shared information about his health in his first post after about one year and four months, noting that he is now stable and doing well after being discharged from the hospital.

Jay mentioned that he was in a very bad situation and that God had saved him.

Professor Jay and His Wife Enjoying Their Wedding Anniversary

“First of all, I want to express my gratitude to the living God for healing me and giving me a second chance at life. My circumstance was unspeakably awful. Father, thank you so much, God; In a statement that he shared on Instagram, he said, “I will glorify and praise you all the days of my life.”

The rapper kept on giving sincere thanks to everyone who helped him through his pain, including Tanzanian president Samia Suluhu Hassan, who paid for his treatment, and Freeman Mbowe, the leader of the CHADEMA party, among other leaders.

He stated, “I am extremely grateful to Commander @freemanmbowe, the Chairman of my CHADEMA party, the members, and all of the senior leaders of the party for their efforts to ensure that I receive the best treatment in conjunction with the government.”

Jay also expressed gratitude to the medical professionals who put in a lot of effort to restore his health, particularly during the 127 days he spent in the intensive care unit.

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