Niffer Denies Breaking Alikiba and Amina Khalef’s Marriage

Niffer Denies Breaking Alikiba and Amina Khalef's Marriage

Tanzanian socialite and business lady Niffer, who has been related to Tanzanian popular musician AliKiba, has focused on their relationship, clearing up everything.

In a statement to the public, Niffer, a Tanzanian entrepreneur, denied being romantically engaged with Ali Kiba. She explained that they were excellent friends and indicated her wish to keep that connection, dispelling any misconception that she was the singer’s love interest.

“I’m not aware of Ali Kiba’s marriage. We are not doing anything incorrectly. “I am not the cause of their marital problems,” Niffer stated to Millard Ayo in an interview.

Niffer also recognized Ali Kiba’s importance in her life, thanking him for molding her into the person she is now. “Ali Kiba holds a special place in my life,” she said, expressing thanks for his presence and impact. He has had a significant impact on who I am now. He is a decent individual, in my opinion. He takes up 60% of my life.”

The entrepreneur also extended her deep admiration and best wishes for Ali Kiba, expressing how much she adores and respects him. She wished him well in his future aspirations, emphasizing his beneficial influence not just on her but also on society.

Niffer stated unequivocally that she had no intention of dating a married guy, revealing that she had previously inadvertently dated a married man but had now severed all relations with him. She was adamant that a married guy leaving his wife for another woman is entirely the man’s decision.

Niffer Denies Breaking Alikiba and Amina Khalef’s Marriage

Regarding Ali Kiba’s divorce, his wife, Amina Khalef, publicly chastised him, accusing him of constant rudeness and refusing to finalize their divorce. Several years after their marriage, Amina sought divorce, alleging adultery and public displays of unfaithfulness as contributory causes. She also claimed verbal abuse from her in-laws, which stressed their relationship even further.

Despite the turmoil, Niffer maintained her connection with Ali Kiba and reiterated her determination to avoid any participation that may jeopardize the marriages of others.

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