‘Ali Kiba Has 60 Percent in My Life’ Niffer Begins to Reveal the Secret of His Love With Alikiba

"Ali Kiba Has 60 Percent in My Life" Niffer Begins to Reveal the Secret of His Love With Alikiba

Niffer, a beautiful woman who is the entrepreneur of a clothing store in Tanzania and who in recent days has been widely cited as the source of Alikiba’s marriage with his Kenyan wife Amina Khelef, has opened up about his relationship with the artist.

In an exclusive interview with Ayo TV, Niffer has strongly denied that he was involved in any way in being the bad yeast in the relationship that hit the rocks for the Bongo Flava artist, while saying that he does not even know Amina.

When asked if he himself has ever felt as if Amina has a grudge against him, Niffer said that he has never felt that way because he does not even know himself from the bottom of his heart; he knows that he is a good person, and he would not like to do Amina the cruelty of treating her husband.

However, Niffer praised Alikiba greatly, saying that until he reached the stage he is at in life right now, Alikiba’s contribution to his life has been more than 50 percent.

Niffer Begins to Reveal the Secret of His Love With Alikiba

“Alikiba has a very big part for me. Many people see that if you talk about something, they take it very negatively, but there is a saying that says, Give someone his flowers. If someone is nice to you, why should you keep quiet if you are afraid people will say something?” he asked.

“Ali has contributed a very big part to my life. And to be honest, I can say that even this Niffer, who I am with right now, Ali, has maybe 60 percent. He is a person who can’t accept that you posted a shameful picture, and then he tells you this is a ‘nice picture’. No, he will tell you that you are a Muslim; you are not supposed to do this.” Niffer gave Alikiba his flowers.

Apart from business, Niffer has also mentioned Alikiba as his good teacher, who has been teaching him how to speak, especially in interviews.

“He is a person who, even if I do my interview at Nimeboronga, will tell me, No, don’t say this next time. Try to be more private’. He is a good person to me; that is, he is a unique person,” Niffer said.

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