Ngesh Discusses Her Decision to End Relationship With 2Mbili

Ngesh Discusses Her Decision to End Relationship With 2Mbili

Rap superstar Ngesh is embroiled in a bitter argument with YouTuber 2Mbili, who helped propel her to stardom.

2Mbili assumed a major role in catapulting Ngesh to fame as he talked with her minutes after a bit of her section on ‘Rieng Genje‘ became a web sensation via virtual entertainment.

The YouTuber additionally assisted Ngesh with exploring her direction in the business by introducing her to the who’s who in Kenyan showbiz.

Addressing vloggers, 2Mbili mourned that Ngesh is renowned but has no bearing, adding that certain individuals were attempting to exploit her to mint a few coins.

Ngesh Discusses Her Decision to End Relationship With 2Mbili

“She is well known in the business; she has no bearing. I was attempting to show her the bearing. However, there are still individuals trying to profit from her at the same time. I was utilizing my cash and my assets. Me I was simply attempting to enhance the woman and get gigs for herself, and I was getting zero percent from the cash she was making from the gigs,” he said.

Mbili said that Ngesh got into a fight with him when she didn’t show up for a TV interview he had planned for her and found out that she was in a garage signing a contract with a friend behind his back.

As a result, Omar followed me behind Ngesh, and he spoke. Little Omar has no association with anyone; the main individuals he knows in the media are 2Mbili and You Pluto,” 2Mbili described.

The YouTuber further guaranteed that Ngesh’s hard-working attitude was needed, revealing that she was reliably late for gigs.

And if she turns up extremely late, like that day of the interview, she should come at ten o’clock to be made up, put on cosmetics, put on a hairpiece, and go to the interview. She arrived at 6:30; therefore, individuals are asking, “Where is the wig you were given yesterday?

She went on to say that when someone becomes smart, those who were exploiting them run away because they are no longer benefiting.

Manzi wa Kibera and Ngesh
Manzi wa Kibera and Ngesh | PHOTO COURTESY

During an Instagram live session with her fans, Ngesh stated, “If you’re angry, if you’re angry, let me tell you… There’s nothing wrong with you; they’re just trying to make everyone happy, but if you’re angry, you’re not going to get any benefit from it.”

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