My name means efficiency – Akothee

My name means efficiency - Akothee

Esther Akoth, better known by her stage name Akothee, has explained that her name means “success.”

The mother of five has stated on Instagram that if you hear the name Akothee or see someone trying to imitate her, know that she is their guide.

She went on to say that some people know about his things but not herself, and that his biggest rival is what he doesn’t do well. They are aware of my possessions, but I am unaware of them. My lack of success is my biggest rival; I generally ensure I fix whatever I could have lost.”

Akothee proceeded and said that assuming you hear individuals referencing him, you can say “GOAT”, where he proceeded with that the name Akothee alone is sufficient to put you on the map for two minutes.

“Akothee is your motivation,” the singer in the picture, who was seen dancing and playing football, said, “but he refused to thank the envious.” Akothee is a moving gallery; She is the only celebrity who is unable to visit the city center or shop at a supermarket.

The mother, who is 43 years old, made an accusation against some content promoters, stating that others promote their pain in order to achieve fame and followers, and that if they had done so under their full name, no one would have noticed.

My name means efficiency – Akothee

Akothe proceeded and saluted himself, saying that he is continuously spreading on the organizations since he is at parties all over.

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