Mbaara Ndiri Mwago – Gathee Wa Njeri

Mbaara Ndiri Mwago - Gathee Wa Njeri

Mbaara Ndiri Mwago is a Kikuyu society tune by Gathee Wa Njeri, otherwise known as Mugithi Expert, an eminent vocalist and musician who protects the way of life and legacy of his kin.

The melody is a supplication for harmony and solidarity among the Kikuyu, who have experienced war and brutality before.

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The tune helps the audience members remember their set of experiences, their personalities, and their association with Mwene Nyaga, the preeminent God who made Mount Kenya.

Additionally, the song exhorts the Kikuyu to avoid being influenced by outsiders and to respect their elders, their land, and their traditions.

The tune is a show-stopper of people’s music, with an infectious song, rich language, and a strong message.

Stream, “Mbaara Ndiri Mwago – Gathee Wa Njeri” via YouTube link or below;

Mbaara Ndiri Mwago – Gathee Wa Njeri

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