Kajala mentions reasons to maintain Wema Sepetu and Harmonize Tattoos

Kajala mentions reasons to maintain Wema Sepetu and Harmonize Tattoos

Veteran film bongo actress, Fridah Kajala Masanja has hinted that she intends to remove the Harmonize tattoo on her hand.

In a clip from their reality show ‘Behind The Gram’ which will air on Friday, the mother-of-one revealed that she got the tattoo when she was in a deep relationship.

“I have to erase this tattoo. I did it on love. He is the person I used to love,” Kajala said while showing the letter ‘R’ drawn on her left hand finger.

‘R’ is the first letter of Harmonize’s real name which is Rajab Abdul Kahali and was drawn on the actor’s finger last year when their relationship was sour. The two however broke up at the end of last year and have not been on good terms since then.

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Kajala has now vowed that she will not be tattooed by anyone else in her life after what happened between her and the boss of Konde Music Worldwide.

The ex-boyfriend of Harmonize meanwhile announced that he will continue to keep his co-star Wema Sepetu’s tattoo on his back.

Kajala noted that despite their previous conflicts, he still has great respect for the singer’s boyfriend Whozu who is believed to have bailed him out of jail when he was imprisoned several years ago.

“I have another tattoo that is also important, it is a tattoo of Goodness that I cannot erase completely. We go through a lot of strife, not conflict. It will stay there because he is a person I respect and love,” he said.

Earlier this year, Harmonize took the step to erase the big tattoo of his ex-girlfriend and his daughter Paula Paul that was drawn on his leg last year.

Kajala mentions reasons to maintain Wema Sepetu and Harmonize Tattoos

Last year, while apologizing and begging Kajala to come back to him, Harmonize took the step of getting a memorial photo of the actor with his daughter Paula tattooed on his leg. He took that step as one of the ways to seduce him so that they can get back together after being apart for a year.

Later, both of them took the step of getting each other’s initials tattooed when the romance was over.

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