Jalango Fires Employees for Joking With His YouTube Channel

Jalango Fires Employees for "Joking" With His YouTube Channel

The sole individual selected to run the notable Jalango TV YouTube Channel ‘jokes’ an excessive amount; in this manner, it hasn’t been functional.

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As per Jalang’o, who expressed that he terminated them to account for capable laborers, that occurred.

“The young people decided to celebrate a lot. They started playing with the channel, and the channel should bring money and pay them.

He has recruited new team members and informed his online TV that they can anticipate positive outcomes.

The issue they have is choosing the compensation.

I cannot provide you with funds that you are not earning. Any business should just compensate you for what you are worth. It’s called the return on capital invested, and that is where bado tuko na comes into play. They’ve said no. I have instructed them to take fifty percent of your earnings, which means that if you earn ten shillings, I will receive five, and you will each receive three.

Jalango Fires Employees for Joking With His YouTube Channel

He supported them by revealing that his channel can undoubtedly make 1,000,000 shillings per month.

“So you know the math is easy because if YouTube pays you to send me mine, you eat yours.”

“You are aware of my openness. Me, I don’t lie. I come out straight and I come out right, so you individuals should tell me, is that compensation alright? The channel is owned by me.

We were still not making any money with the beginner, even though it was dead and not working. Therefore, it is up to you to push it and generate your own income. I won’t pay you guys out of my pocket. You must earn money to pay yourself, you people.

“Are you guys prepared, and will we split 50/50?” he requested from the three.

He proposed to pay them something ‘this time little for the main month, then we will perceive the way the channel develops. How much do you want from me starting in the first month?”

They recommend 1,000,000 “Bwana shida ya pesa iko, so what we do is I will see on that; I simply needed to present.”.

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