I Paid a KU Lady Rent, but She Still Played on Me – Ndovu Kuu Says

I Paid a KU Lady Rent, but She Still Played on Me - Ndovu Kuu Says

Kenyan singer and songwriter Christopher Thande Githara, otherwise known as Ndovu Kuu, has a few huge difficulties to address that could place him in the sights of KU young ladies.

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The majority of listeners to the singers’ heartbreaking songs reside nearby on Thika Road.

I Paid a KU Lady Rent

Ndovu Kuu claims that the infamous antics of the campus girls broke his heart while he was dating on campus and inspired his songs.

Ndovu Kuu conceded that he was a critical fascination for a young lady in a grieving relationship in the Evil Release with Dr. Kingori.

Ndovu Kuu talked openly about his heartbreak with the woman he had imagined would be his future bride because they had been dating before Ndovu Kuu came to Campus. His confidence was shaken.

“I was washed, dame, but the pesa’s she was not. It surprised me that it intercepted the bit. I even provided her with medical care, so I don’t know what I was suffering from.” regretting his decision.

Over time, he has carried that hurt. Music is what I gave it. She was a very true lady. When we went to camp, I was letting myself know I have a future spouse; just let her complete school. After two weeks, I was treated to the same thing.”

He was paying her lease in Grounds: “I had paid the lease for her outside; we were agemates; it’s detestable now, that is, it turned out to be io. He vowed never to date a Campus girl again: “Bro, the mind is invested; this is my life; this is my better half, but…”

“When chomped two times, modest off-limits area,” he shared.

Kingori asked Ndovu Kuu and Gatwiri to pay attention to changing insight.

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