Gospel DJ Mo Uncovers the Amount He Paid for Size 8 as Dowry

Gospel DJ Mo Uncovers the Amount He Paid for Size 8 as Dowry

Gospel DJ Mo, otherwise called Samuel Muraya, has uncovered his relationship with Size 8 gospel vocalist and minister Linet Munyali.

DJ Mo discussed his initial days as a striving DJ in Githurai in a meeting with Oga Obinna.

He had recently seen Size 8 at various social affairs, but he couldn’t move toward her on account of his lower position and the high-esteem admirers who were competing for her focus.

The DJ conceded that to satisfy his point of prevailing upon the performer, a specific episode and his companion Antoneosoul’s inadequacy to leave well enough alone were required.

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Albeit brief and awkward for DJ Mo, the episode brought about a discussion among him and Size 8. They began talking more and getting to know each other as time went on.

He went to her home before she disclosed her conversion to Christianity. He figured out how to search together for 150k for her dowry, yet it required a great deal of exertion. At the point when he went to see her family, he proposed marriage.

Regardless of whether it implied losing everything, I would have been crushed assuming she had expressed no while I was nearly in catastrophe.

He recognized the significance of her mom’s support in their relationship and acknowledged her for assisting him with the wedding Linet (Size 8).

The experience, however unexpected and humiliating for DJ Mo, prompted a discussion among him and Size 8. As time elapsed, they started to impart more and get to know one another.

Before she freely declared her conversion to Christianity, he visited her home. He had figured out 150k for her dowry; however, it was a daunting task to suspect that aggregate. He visited her family and requested her hand in marriage.

Gospel DJ Mo Uncovers the Amount He Paid for Size 8 as Dowry

I was on the edge, and on the off chance that she had declined, I would’ve been completely crushed, regardless of whether it implied losing everything.”

He credited his outcome in marrying Linet (Size 8) to her late mother, recognizing her vital role in their association.

“The individual who genuinely made Linet my better half is her late mother,” DJ Mo added, offering significant thanks.

DJ Mo likewise explained that his underlying installment of 150k was important for the Kikuyu custom, yet he emphasized that after some time, he has offered more.

In a past meeting with a neighborhood paper, Size 8 uncovered that rich men needed to wed her, yet when she acquainted DJ Mo with her mom, she said he would have been a decent spouse.

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