Akothee Explains After Announcing ‘Niko Single Tena’, She Talks About Her Ex’s Relationship With Her Husband

Akothee Explains After Announcing 'Niko Single Tena', She Talks About Her Ex's Relationship With Her Husband

Famous singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, aka Akothee, has made it clear that I’m Single Again!’ which he posted on Tuesday was just an announcement of his new song ‘Simu (Niko Single).’

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Speaking in a video on Tuesday evening, the mother of five buried her worries about the state of her three-month marriage and noted that she has not divorced her husband, Denis Shweizer, aka Omosh.

The singer yelled at the media for calling him to clarify his poster, noting that it was clearly an advertisement for a song.

Akothee Explains After Announcing ‘Niko Single Tena’

“You don’t see that Niko Single is a song! Are you calling me to ask why I divorced my husband? What would make us break up? Just because of Nelly, part of my family came to the launch of my daughter’s business. Or is it because you have all lost your minds? That is, who plans for a poster to say that he is single? Have we reached that level?” Akothee shouted.

In addition, he announced that he had already released a hit on YouTube and asked his fans to dive into the internet and listen to it.

At the same time, Akothee noted that her manager, who is also her former lover, Nelly Oaks, still being in her life does not have any negative effect on her marriage. She said her husband, Omosh, is fine with his manager and is even ready to meet him.

Denis Shweizer aka Omosh and her wife Akothee
Denis Shweizer aka Omosh and her wife Akothee | PHOTO COURTESY

“Stay knowing Nelly is family forever. Those who belong to Omosh’s DM stay, knowing that Nelly is family forever. And no one will get her out of there; Nelly is not an ex. Even Omosh knows him; even Omosh said if he comes to Kenya, they will share a drink together,” he said.

The singer criticized Kenyans who thought that Nelly being in his life was a problem for his marriage, noting that they would feel bad when they saw her sharing a drink with her husband.

“Stop that nonsense; that’s what you pray for me. Anyone who writes that Akothee has divorced her husband, that’s what you pray for me,” he said.

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